International Shipping



1. Shipping Cost will be charged to customer.
2. Customer can choose shipping company and choose the service (Regular/Express)
3. When choosing the shipping company, customer must understand the rule of the shipping company itself and would take the risk (Insurance coverage, Shipping Time, Company Policy)
4. Once the package ready to deliver, we will send it to shipping company, and it will be their responsibility to take the package to your place.
5. Customer should open the package infront of the shipping courier, to make sure that the package not in damage. If there's damage that caused by shipping company, you can asked for their responsibility to claim an insurance (if you agree to add insurance cost in the first place). If you dont pay for insurance, than it will be your side to take the risk.
6. International Buyer, Should prepare that our price+shipping cost is not include country tax. Usually you will be asked to pay the tax before you claim your package at your nearest National Post Office.


POS INDONESIA - (Economic (by Sea), Regular, Express)
International Express : EMS - (Express Mail Service)